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Inspect Testing Technique and Practice on line for wire ropes.

Wire Rope Non-Destructive Testing.

Latest development of electromagnetic inspection of steel wire ropes in China.

MTC Inspecting Technique and Application for Electrical Elevator Wire Rope.

The wire rope is measured object that is uncertainty unlimited long and has complex structure. The simulation quantity instrument that uses the traditional method is similar to look at PPT, and the demonstration is off and on. Only virtual instrument with the computer direct sampling and fast processing can be similar to watch the movie, that continuously demonstrate.

Wire rope inspection has progressed rapidly over the past few years, however, traditional visual inspection is still commonly practiced in most circumstances even though electromagnetic inspection was developed several decades ago. In China, the commencement of electromagnetic technology is comparatively behind other developed countries; nevertheless, based on achievements and experiences of former developers, the development of electromagnetic technology in China is progressing speedily.

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